Accunect ReConnect

ReConnect to the Energy of Accunect Connect – and go deeper

The energy of Accunect Connect is really high – people leave the course inspired by their potential to heal and to help others to heal. Plus it’s a really transformational course on a lot of levels and the energy of being connected a group of like minded people coming together for healing just feels really good.

Now you can reconnect to that experience and take your knowledge to a deeper level with Accunect ReConnect. Accunect ReConnect is a nine week course, with weekly meetings of about 2 and half hours. It is a comprehensive review of Accunect Connect, and more. ReConnect has been designed to help you to:

  • Get your practice going
  • Gain confidence and experience in practice
  • Better understand the concepts of Accunect
  • Create good habits of practice and confidence and experience in practice
  • Be more comfortable talking about Accunect
  • Renew enthusiasm by ReConnecting to Accunect energy
  • Connect with Accunect community of students and practitioners
  • Review and practice Accunect techniques
  • Have all your questions answered
  • Receive amazing balancings

Each week includes lecture on the Connect material, question and answer time, demonstrations, and supervised practice of individual techniques as well as practicing complete sessions using the Health Map. On two of the weeks you can bring guests to learn about Accunect and receive sessions.

Students who have already taken ReConnect loved it. It really helped them to get more confident, clear up questions, get a deeper understanding and they really appreciated that ReConnection to the energy of Accunect and the transformation that came with all the practice time.

Accunect ReConnect is taught by Accunect Connect Instructors and Connect Instructor Trainees. It is not at this time listed on the Calendar page, pending database upgrades.