Accunect Training

Accunect Curriculum

The Accunect Curriculum consists of a mix of live seminars and online self-paced e-courses. The material in each course can be applied immediately, and most courses are open to anyone without any prerequisites.

This page gives a brief description of each course, more detailed information on each course can be found by using the links in the right sidebar.

All courses are all designed to be transformational as well as educational. We encourage people who primarily want to heal themselves to attend to benefit from insights into the connection between mind body and spirit, to gain a sense of connection to their true self and others, and to receive healing from the many energy balancings received in each course. For people who already are or are interested in being practitioners the journey starts with healing yourself, and you will walk away from the seminar with the ability to heal others. Accunect is easy and everyone is able to use the techniques effectively by the end of the weekend.

Live Seminars

Accunect Connect is a two and a half day seminar, usually taught over a weekend (Friday evening, and Saturday and Sunday day sessions). The basic principles of Accunect are covered, and students experience the connections between mind, body and spirit through practical exercises. Students learn to access their intuition by using muscle checking, how to activate the natural healing processes by using energetic tapping, and how to discover each persons unique pathway back to health by using the Accunect Health Map. Approximately half of the techniques in the Accunect Health Map are taught and each student experiences both doing and receiving each balancing. There are also many demonstrations by the instructor, so most if not all students will receive an Accunect balancing by the instructor during the class. Read more

No Prerequisites: this course is open to anyone.

Accunect Zoom is a three day course, usually taught over a weekend (Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Monday all day sessions). Zoom builds on the concepts and techniques taught in Connect and takes the practice of Accunect to another level. In addition to covering the rest of the techniques on the Accunect Health Map, Zoom gives a larger perspective on the spiritual roots of disease. We go further into understanding how to work with inherited factors of disease and take intuition to another level. Read more

Prerequisite: Accunect Connect must be completed prior to taking Accunect Zoom.

Accunect Ancient Wisdom is also a three day course usually taught over a weekend. It gives a comprehensive introduction to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, explained in simple terms and modern language so that everyone can utilize the insights and wisdom accumulated over thousands of years of clinical practice and discussion. The ability to access intuition by using muscle checking to determine what to balance is taught in the course, making it open to anyone. The simple energy tapping technique taught in Accunect Connect is also taught here, giving a way to balance the acupuncture meridians without using needles. The course manual set includes extensive color coded reference pages, allowing the practitioner to quickly and easily identify energy patterns that are ready to be balanced. Ancient Wisdom does not require any prior knowledge of Chinese Medicine, making it usable by anyone. Professional acupuncturists also find the course valuable to help them find “outside the box” insights as well as providing a powerful way to do energy balancing on clients who prefer not to be needled. Read more

No Prerequisites: this course is open to anyone.

Accunect ReConnect is a nine week intensive course for students who have taken Accunect Connect. By meeting once a week for 2-3 hours, students have a chance to have an indepth review of the principles and techniques in Accunect Connect. They also have time for exploring deeper questions to more fully integrate the material. Each meeting provides an opportunity to practice individual techniques, as well as to exchange full Accunect sessions with fellow students. There is also an opportunity for students to invite friends, family, and potential clients to come and learn more about Accunect and to receive and Accunect session at the class. Read more

Prerequisite: Accunect Connect must be completed prior to taking Accunect ReConnect.


We offer several online courses for to allow self-paced study from home. These courses feature lectures in standard MP3 format that can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device so that you can listen wherever you are – many people listen to these lectures during their commute time for instance.  There are also downloadable study guides with self-reflection exercises to help you integrate the lectures fully.

Your 5 Faces of God consists of approximately seven hours of lecture divided into seven, along with a study guide in PDF format for each lecture. This course is an in-depth study of our emotions from a Taoist perspective. There are no bad emotions, only bad ways of reacting to and expressing our emotions. This course is for both professional and personal development: it is suitable for practitioners who want to understand the mind body connection deeper, as well as for people who just want to understand themselves more and for spiritual insight. Read more

“All emotions are good and should help us live our lives and overcome challenges so that we can grow. When we repress emotions or express them poorly, we move towards disease. When we honor our emotions and express them well, we move towards our true self, our true potential, and towards God.” Ka’imi Pilipovich
No Prerequisites: this course is open to anyone.